Wednesday, 9. December 2020

new video for Marie Louise

I filmed and edited a new video for my friend Marie Louise and her band. Enjoy:


Thursday, 6. August 2020

live in Esslingen

Saturday, 23. May 2020

...till we meet in December

Monday, 20. January 2020

supporting Jordan Reyne


Fr 24.1.20 Deizisau - Zehntscheuer

Thursday, 26. December 2019

This year's funwork

I enjoyed filming and editing these three musicvideos this year. It's been so much fun and an honour to work with these fine artists:





Saturday, 27. July 2019

live in August

Saturday, 6. April 2019

Marie Louise & Roman Wreden - live & acoustic


26.04.19 STUTTGART clubCANN ("Backstage") Beginn 21 Uhr

Tuesday, 8. January 2019

Roman Wreden + Band live

Saturday, 10. November 2018

supporting Molly Burch


Mo 19.11.2018 MOLLY BURCH + special guest Roman Wreden


live at Keller Klub Stuttgart


Infos & Tickets here




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